Precision Targeting for Vein Concerns

  • Effective solution for spider and varicose veins
  • Minimally invasive with lasting results
  • Enhanced confidence and skin appearance
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Treatment overview

Appointment duration
30 min
Procedure intensity
Treatment intervals
2-4 treatments*
Starting from
* Individual results may vary


Sclerotherapy offers a scientific approach to addressing the cosmetic and physical concerns of spider and varicose veins. By introducing a specially formulated solution, it causes these veins to collapse and gradually fade.

Treatment benefits

Informed by deep vascular understanding, this treatment not only ensures cosmetic enhancement but also considers overall vascular health. Beyond the aesthetic results, patients benefit from the relief of symptoms often associated with varicose veins.

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Frequently Asked

How many sclerotherapy treatments are required?

It varies from individual to individual but typically two to four treatments are required for the best results. In patients with milder cases, one to two will suffice. More treatments are needed when there are multiple veins.

What are side effects of sclerotherapy?

Because this procedure requires injections through the skin, it is not a painless procedure although Dr Nicky uses the finest needle to deliver the injections so pain is minimal. The agent used to inject into the vein to collapse it, can sting . The patient may be left with mild bruising at the injection site. Other side-effects are rare but include pigmentation at the injected area, ulceration and inflammation of the vessels.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are most common in women in the age groups 30-50. This has been related to the hormone oestrogen and pregnancy. Spider veins look like a network pattern in a circular fashion. These light purple veins usually appear in a lattice pattern and are completely harmless.

What is the recovery time?

The procedure takes approximately sixty minutes and the patient can leave unaided and without pain straight after. A compression stocking is recommended for one to three weeks after treatment. Exercise should be avoided for one week.

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