Skin Supplements

Scientifically-Formulated Nourishment for Inner and Outer Beauty

  • Bolstering skin health from within
  • Addressing root causes of skin concerns
  • Optimising overall skin vitality and resilience
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Treatment overview

Appointment duration
30 mins
Procedure intensity
Treatment intervals
1 Month*
Starting from
From £40
* Individual results may vary.

Skin Supplements

Skin Supplements are the intersection of nutritional science and dermatology, formulated to address skin health from the inside out. Each supplement is a result of rigorous research, designed to address specific skin concerns at their root.

Treatment benefits

When the body receives precise nutrients, the benefits manifest externally as radiant, healthy skin. These supplements provide targeted nourishment, ensuring that skin not only looks its best but also is bolstered in its health and defences.

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What happens at the appointment?

During your consultation your skin health will be assessed and a careful history will be taken looking at life style factors which could have impact on your skin. Dr Nicky will advise you of any changes that might be useful, if possible ,to improve skin health and offer advise on nutritional supplementation to improve skin health and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a healthy diet. Is that not enough?

Supplements cannot be used in the place of food in your pursuit of skin health, but they can help. The reason Dr Nicky suggests the addition of supplements is because we live such fast-paced lives and experience such high amounts of stress, it’s hard to know the levels of nutrition we’re truly getting from our food. We overcook our food, we microwave it, we fry it, we horse it in without chewing thoroughly (affecting the way the nutrients are absorbed) and all of these things can deplete the value of the food. So supplements, are a helping hand, delivering higher levels of nutrients than we’d get from food alone. They are not an alternative but should be taken in addition to a healthy diet.

Can I just not take a multi-vitamin?

By taking specific nutritional skin supplements, the correct concentrations of vitamins, minerals and other important ingredients can be titrated and their delivery optimised to ensure best gut absorption.

Which ingredients should I look for?

Dr Naylor will discuss your skin's nutritional needs in depth but notably, important vitamins for skin health are vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E. A diet rich in vitamin C has been shown to prevent skin ageing. Vitamin A deficiency leads to dry scaling skin and vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and protects from skin ageing.

What else shall I ask?

Dr Nicky Naylor recommends that you refrain from vigorous exercise , sauna or steam for 24 hours after treatment to ensure optimal results. She advises to avoid direct massage of the treated areas for 24 hours and to refrain from having any eyebrow treatments or facials for 2 weeks after your appointment.

Unsure as to what treatment to go for or your skin condition?

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