Jawline Slimming

The natural results you want achievable with the lightest of touches

  • Reduction of a wide jawline
  • Slimming of the lower face
  • Improves facial harmony
  • Softens the appearance of a round face
  • Helps stop teeth grinding/Bruxism
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Treatment overview

Appointment duration
15 min
Procedure intensity
Treatment intervals
4-6 Months*
Starting from
* Individual results may vary.

Jawline Slimming

Some patients are predisposed to having large, pronounced jawlines. This can be caused by one’s genetic background or the result of continuous clenching and/or teeth grinding. Dr. Nicky uses muscle relaxing injections to  weaken the masseter muscles, which as a result slims the lower face. Dr. Nicky’s muscle relaxing injection technique reduces the flare and width of a wide jaw line without the need for invasive surgery. The outcome also provides reduction in tension in the jaw and helps stop teeth grinding.

The technique of non-surgical jaw reduction involves 2 to 3 painless injections into the masseter muscle on each side of the face.  This leads to a weakening of the jaw muscle and therefore an overall reduction in the size.  The procedure is simple and painless and takes less than 10 minutes . Results can be visible by two weeks and the effect can last up to 6 months.

Treatment benefits

Reduction of a wide jaw line and/or slimming of the lower face improves facial harmony and softens the appearance of a round face into a more oval and gentle one. Overtime the resulting weakening of the masseter muscles can lead to the positive reduction of teeth grinding and jaw clenching and you may even find that you get less headaches.

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  • Muscle Relaxing Consultation
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Frequently Asked

What is a square jaw?

A square jaw can be described as to when the lower one-third of the face is wide giving a square-like appearance. This can give a masculine appearance in females or distort facial harmony and symmetry in males and females.

How quickly will I see results?

The improvement is seen gradually over a period of weeks. The effect can be seen at 3 weeks and generally peaks at 8 to 10 weeks. In some patients effects have lasted up to one year. Regular treatments every 6 months can lead to better and longer lasting results as the muscle becomes less active and therefore smaller in size, varying from person to person.

Will I have problems chewing my food?

Most patients do not have this problem as only part of the muscle will be relaxed. However, you may experience some tiring after chewing for a while, this phenomenon is only temporary and will go away in a short period of time, commonly within a week.

Does the procedure hurt and what is the recovery?

The procedure is practically painless. Dr. Nicky has a specialised method of injection that virtually eliminates all discomfort without the need for an anaesthetic. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and you can return to usual activities straight after the treatment. Dr Nicky recommends that you refrain from exercise for 24 hours after treatment. There is no downtime post procedure.

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