Injectables for Hyperhidrosis

Defying Excessive Sweat, Empowering Confidence

  • Targeted solution for excessive sweating
  • Improved comfort and confidence in daily life
  • Safe and scientifically-proven efficacy
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Treatment overview

Appointment duration
30 min
Procedure intensity
Treatment intervals
3-6 Months*
Starting from
* Individual results may vary.

Injectables for Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be more than a minor inconvenience; it can affect one’s self-esteem and daily life. This treatment employs precise injectables to reduce sweat production in targeted areas.

Treatment benefits

Beyond the immediate comfort of reduced sweating, this treatment offers a long-term solution grounded in scientific research. It restores confidence, ensuring individuals can engage in daily activities without the constant concern of excessive sweat.

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Frequently Asked

Am I suitable for this procedure?

As with all of our treatments, Dr Naylor will spend time with you discussing your medical history and concern to assess if this treatment is recommended for you. The treatment is well tolerated and generally suitable for most people. There are a few clinical situations in which such treatment is contraindicated which Dr Nicky would discuss with you.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment will last from between 4-6 months but often longer. How long the treatment lasts depends on multiple factors including muscle mass, fitness of the subject and how many treatments the patient has already had. It can take between 3– 14 days for the drug to take effect after the first treatment and Dr Nicky welcomes her patients back to the clinic after two weeks to review its success and make any adjustments to gain the best outcome.It is important to note that injections will not completely stop sweat production but can reduce symptoms dramatically.

Why are toxins used in this procedure?

The treatment is a protein that can be injected into the areas of concern in small doses and block the action of nerves that supply the eccrine glands, thus significantly reducing the production of sweat. The treatment is a prescription drug and FDA approved in the treatment of severe primary hyperhidrosis of the underarm and it has also been shown to be effective in treating other areas, such as the palms and feet with regards to excessive sweating.

Does the procedure hurt and what is the recovery?

Dr Nicky would apply a topical anaesthetic cream to the area to be injected which makes the treatment much more comfortable. She uses the smallest needle available to deliver the treatment through multiple injections. Her touch is so precise and gentle. Afterwards there may evidence of raised small bumps in the area treated and possibly some mild bruising. The bumps will settle within a few hours. There will be no residual pain and the effect of the treatment can start to be experienced in as quickly as 3 days.

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